Antonio Hens Córdova founded Malas Compañías Productora Cinematográfica in 2002, starting coproducing the short film “En Malas Compañías”.

Graduated in Film Directing from the Escuela de Cine de la Comunidad de Madrid (E.C.A.M.) and he also studied Images and Sound at the IFP (Spain). He has been working as a producer in a long list of shortfilms and feature films, such as “Eureka” (1997), “No somos nadie” (1998), “Bancos” (1999), “Malas compañías” (2000), “Maldito conejo”, and “Donde nadie nos ve” (both 2004) as short films; and as feature films, “Cuidado con lo que sueñas”, co-produced by the venezuelan director Geyka Urdaneta, “Clandestinos” (2007), “Verde, verde” (2010), “Boleto al Paraíso” (2011), co-produced with Cuba, which was nominated to the Premios Goya as Best Latin American Movie, and currently “Azul y no tan Rosa” from Miguel Ferrari, which will premiere in Venezuela in 2012.