Graduated from Instituto de Formación para el Arte Dramático and bachelor Cum Laude at the theater of IUDET, in Caracas. He studied Film Directing at SÉPTIMA ARS, España.

Between his Works in films, we can highlight his part of Q in “El tinte de la fama”, for which he won an award as the Best Supporting Actor in Mérida Film Festival (2.008), Municipal Film Award (2.008) and the Best Character at the Diversity Festival FESTDIV (2.011). Aditionally, he has worked in pieces like “Muchacho Solitario” (César Bolívar, 1998), for which he won the Premio Municipal de Cine 1.999 as Best Actor, “Francisco de Miranda” (Diego Rísquez, 2005), “Puras Joyitas” (Henry Rivero and César Oropeza, 2007), “Perros Corazones” (Carmen La Roche, 2008) and “Último Cuerpo” (Carlos Daniel Malavé, 2011), plus several short films and TV movies.

He was also awarded the Premio Municipal de Cine as the Best Script for a short film (2.008) for his first short film as a director “Todo lo que sube”, as well as the Award from the National Film Festival of Margarita 2.008 (Special Recognition).

In 2012 his latest work will premiere, “Azul y no tan rosa”. His script participated in the Official Selection of Unpublished Scripts in the 31st International Festival of the New Latin America Film in La Habana, and it was also a finalist in the IV Contest of Scripts in Segovia City - Fundación Mapfre.