Founding member of the audiovisual production company Factor RH, which since its beginning has coproduced the features films: “El enemigo” and “Taita Boves” from Luis Alberto Lamata, “Macuro”, from Hernán Jabes, “The Aspern Papers” (USA) from Mariana Hellmund, “Patas arriba” from Alejandro G. Wiedemann and “Entre sombras y susurros”, documentary directed by por Samuel Henríquez. In 2011, he produced “Piedra papel o tijera” from Hernán Jabes, which premiered in june of 2012.

He was the production director of “Secuestro express” from Jonathan Jakubowicz and “By The Sea” (Rusia) from Yaroslav Chevazheyskiy. In the year 2007, he produced the feature film “Puras joyitas” from Henry Rivero and César Oropeza, and in 2010 “La hora cero”, from Diego Velasco.

Aditionally to the premiere of “Piedra papel o tijera” in 2012 we will see his most recently production “Azul y no tan rosa” from Miguel Ferrari; and in 2013 “Secreto de confesión” from Henry Rivero, and “Papita, maní, tostón”, from Luis Carlos Hueck.