He was born in Granada in 1975, where he studied at the “Conservatorio de Música Victoria Eugenia”, in 1994, he won his first award at the “II Certamen de Interpretación musical del Instituto de Bachillerato Generalife de Granada” with two original compositions. Since 1996, he started his career as Pianist Concertist that made him travel through Spain and in 1998, he joined the Orquesta de Cámara Pablo Picasso performing in several auditoriums around the country. Later, he edited his first recording called “El Fuego vivido”, and eight years later "Bajo la ciudad" a super production recorded during six months in three different countries with the colaboration of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Bratislava, Ara Malikian, Víctor Merlo, Robert O’Connor, Manuel Machado and Tuti Fernández. At the Film field he has recorded the soundtracks of several works such as, “Clandestinos”, “Seres extravagantes”, “El Orden de las Cosas”, “Silba Perfidia”... and over all of them the soundtrack of “El Lince Perdido”, animated movie produced by Antonio Banderas and directed by Manuel Sicilia and Raúl García, for which he got the Goldspirit Awards as a sensation of the year composer and a prenomination to the Academy Award for its score. Also “Dama y la Muerte”, a silent shot film in 3D (stereoscopic) from the same team that was nominated to the Academy Awards in 2010 as Best Short Film, also awarded as Best Soundtrack in the ALCINE from Alcalá, Henares in 2009. Currently he is still working as a Film Composer and as a Concert Pianist.